A Message from the Interim President – Coronavirus Update #6

I have some very important updates to share. Based on recommendations made today by the Governor, remote learning will begin March 30 and be in place through the end of the spring ​term. It is critical that faculty continue their efforts between now and March 29, while classes are suspended, to be prepared for this transition. During this time of uncertainty, it is extremely important that we provide our students with the constant of academic continuity they need to stay focused and moving forward with their education.

As part of our shift due to these same recommendations, MDC’s remote working environment will remain in place for employees until the end of the spring semester. It is important that everyone reassess their individual work in relation to an extended remote working environment and ensure that they have the materials and resources they need to perform their duties over a longer time period than originally anticipated.

Office of Emergency Management Coronavirus Update #5

Effective Tuesday, March 17, MDC will cease all on campus services as it transitions to a primarily remote work environment. Some critical and essential College employees, as well as other employees required to maintain operational continuity are required to report to campus during this period from 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Certain public safety and custodial personnel will have differing schedules to ensure the safety and security of our campuses.

As a reminder all classes, regardless of delivery method, including online classes, are suspended through March 29. MDC has canceled all events college-wide until further notice.

Preparing to Work Remotely (checklist available)

Starting tomorrow, Miami Dade College is transitioning to a remote work environment for all full-time and adjunct faculty. As part of this shift, I ask that you take a moment to think through your learning process, take a full inventory, and identify all the materials and resources you need to transition to a remote learning environment. In preparation, it is important that you ensure you have all the materials and resources you need for this change before you leave the office today.

View the checklist to help you with this inventory.

Coronavirus Update #5 – Miami Dade College Transitioning to Remote Work

Effective Tuesday, March 17, Miami Dade College will cease all on campus services as we transition to a primarily remote work environment. Employees who are deemed critical or essential will receive additional information from their supervisors before the close of business today. In addition, other employees may be requested to report onsite in order to ensure continuity of key support services for remote work and learning. All Faculty are expected to work remotely as they prepare for the potential of remote learning. We ask that they be in contact with their department chair on technology and other resource needs before close of business today. As everyone’s health and safety remains our top priority, employees who are required to be physically present at MDC will coordinate with their immediate supervisors on plans to ensure social distancing. Our goal is for those onsite to limit in-person interactions and add physical distance whenever possible. Social distancing is currently the most important factor we can all practice to help slow down the COVID-19 outbreak.

A Message from the Executive Vice President and Provost – Faculty Coronavirus update #3

At this point, you should be thinking about transitioning your face-to-face classes to Blackboard or alternative remote delivery. For some, this may mean redeveloping your classes in an online format. It may feel like a daunting task and you may be concerned about student outcomes in an online delivery modality. I share your concerns so, in consultation with the College President, I have authorized an infusion of fiscal resources to support students and faculty through these circumstances. This is a good moment for all of us to pause and gather our thoughts as we need everyone’s cooperation and presence at work tomorrow.

A Message from the Interim President – Coronavirus Update #4

The College has and continues to follow CDC, state, local guidance and recommendations in its decisions. At this time, there are no immediate concerns preventing employees from reporting to campus in accordance with their regular schedules. There are no current reports of known or suspected College employees having COVID-19. And by canceling classes, we also now have the space across all our campuses to ensure that faculty and staff can maintain additional, precautionary social distance.