Assignment Suspension and Student Technology Needs for Remote Learning

Dear Faculty,

I write to you today with a reminder as well as with a request.

As we continue through this transition period, I would like to reiterate that classes are fully suspended until March 30, and students are not required to complete any assignments during this time. We continue to receive concerned messages from students who are receiving assignments while they are still trying to identify their technology needs.

In relation to student technology needs, we have surveyed students and identified those that need devices. On your end, if you have any students who have expressed a concern about adequate technology, I ask that you please share the student’s name and MDID with your chairperson so we can contact the student and assist them in acquiring the technology they need to participate in remote learning.

You may also share with your students who do not currently have WiFi access that an additional resource is available. Comcast is offering free access to the Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Network to everyone and is also offering low-income families 60 days of free “Internet Essentials” home internet service at increased speeds. For more information, students should contact Comcast directly or visit

Thank you again for all your efforts to ensure our academic continuity.

Lenore P. Rodicio, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Provost
Miami Dade College

300 NE 2nd Ave. | Miami, Florida 33132
T: (305) 237-3803 | F: (305) 237-7176