MDC Signs Agreement with Tel Aviv UniversityPartnership will enhance Miami’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

Oren Simanian and Leandro Finol
StarTau’s Oren Simanian and Leandro Finol, Executive Director of The Idea Center at MDC, at the signing ceremony, Wolfson Campus, August 21, 2015

Continuing with Miami Dade College’s long history as a truly global institution, MDC recently signed an agreement with Israel’s Tel Aviv University. The agreement, between Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center (StarTau) and The Idea Center @ MDC will help enhance Miami’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and link Israel’s high-tech and start-up communities to resources and people in Miami.

The agreement between The Idea Center and StarTau will initially focus on three initiatives focused on knowledge-sharing: (1) members of Israel’s high-tech community will travel to Miami for an Innovation Nation conference that connects innovators and leaders of the two high-tech communities; (2) Israeli start-ups will meet Miami investors, designers, and digital marketing firms through a series of programs arranged by The Idea Center; (3) Tel Aviv University faculty will serve as visiting professors at MDC.

StarTau serves Israel’s aspiring entrepreneurs, providing the practical and professional guidance needed by start-ups and early phase business ventures. Its mission is to provide entrepreneurs and students of entrepreneurship with the practical and professional guidance they need to start a successful business venture.

For more information, please contact the Idea Center at 305-237-7809 or