Luisa Santos, Founder of Lulu’s Ice CreamMade with liquid nitrogen

Photo with Luisa Santos and Finn at Lulu's Ice Cream shop

Few of us work with liquid nitrogen every day or test ice cream flavors on friends and family. Miami Dade College Honors College alumna, Luisa Santos does so with delicious results. The founder of Lulu’s Ice Cream, she embarked on her entrepreneurial adventure at a Halloween party that served as her first focus group. The trick-or-treaters loved the ice cream treats she served and she was on her way.

After majoring in political economics, she graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University.  Luisa thought of applying to work at the United Nations or becoming a consultant.  Then a delightful serving of ice cream intervened.  Luisa was taken by the flavor and began her entrepreneurial odyssey.

“I credit Miami Dade College with setting me on the right track,” she said. “They gave me a wealth of opportunities, and this is the perfect place to be right now.”

A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Luisa has always embraced challenges: She was undocumented when she began her collegiate career at MDC. “Miami Dade College was one of the few places that believed in giving all students an opportunity, even if they were undocumented,” said Santos. “Miami Dade College is a unique institution. They always manage to be a step ahead in their policies.”

After winning the Student Entrepreneur Award at Georgetown, she knew it was time to take the leap and open a retail shop for Lulu’s ice cream. Luisa knew Miami was the right place.  The store at 2001 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami has been a hit, and Santos loves being in the heart of Miami so close to her alma mater and the MDC Wolfson Campus.  With more than 40 flavors and liquid nitrogen as the freezing agent, her ice cream contains only natural ingredients that are locally sourced.

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