Donor Inspires New Program that Introduces Students to IslamA $75,000 gift from the Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation

Jaffer Foundation gift presentation at MDC

For Dr. Mohsin Jaffer, cultural understanding and open dialogue about how we are all different, yet alike, is important. That’s why he funded a new interactive program at MDC that introduces students to Islam as both a global religion and a world civilization.

A $75,000 gift from the Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation is supporting a visiting lecturer who leads various education and outreach programs for students. The initiative is meant to debunk stereotypes about Islam and Muslims and showcase the richness and diversity of Muslim life globally by promoting inclusiveness and harmony.

“We are great believers that education is key to ignorance and poverty, and it can create harmony. When we are more educated, we can be more effective in our lives and empower others,” said Jaffer, co-founder of the Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation, which supports educational programs across Africa, India and the U.S. “Our world is really a salad bowl of different peoples, cultures and civilizations. We brought our support to MDC because it’s very important that our youth going to college understand the rest of the world outside of Miami or outside this country.”

Visiting Lecturer Dr. Mohammad Homayounvash hosts presentations, teach-ins and round table discussions across MDC campuses on issues related to Islam and the Muslim world. He holds a doctoral degree in International Relations from Florida International University and is originally from Iran.

“We want to foster an ethos of religious pluralism and harmony, inclusivism and dialogue in the college and broader community. A compelling counter-narrative to Islamophobia in America could only be achieved through a genuine interfaith dialogue among the interwoven Abrahamic faith systems (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam),” said Homayounvash.

He also works with MDC’s Live Arts on programming, which has dedicated its current season to Muslim culture.

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