MDC Professor Honored by College Media AssociationMarta Magellan named 2013 Distinguished Adviser

Marta Magellan with students
Professor Marta Magellan works with staff members on a recent issue of Miambiance magazine at Kendall Campus.

MDC Professor Marta Magellan has been honored with the College Media Association’s 2013 Distinguished Adviser Award for her work leading the team of Kendall Campus’ student literary magazine Miambiance. This national recognition is given annually to an advisor who has demonstrated excellence in a particular category.

“Of all the projects I’ve been involved with during my long career, the most fulfilling has been my work with the Miambiance student staff,” said Magellan, who has been a full-time faculty member for nearly 30 years and was a 2012 Endowed Teaching Chair recipient.

In her role as advisor for more than a decade, she strives to keep the integrity of the staff by not dictating content. Each edition is a reflection of the unique creative voices of the student editors, writers and artists.

“Professor Magellan deeply appreciates how important the magazine can be to the students who work on it,” said Bryan Aguilar, editor-in-chief of the magazine’s most recent issue. “I’ve had some of the most fulfilling experiences as a writer – and as an individual undergoing a period of intense personal growth – with Miambiance.”