From Certificates to a Bachelor’s, New AI Programs Starting at MDC This FallAssociate degree will be one of the first in the nation. A.S. and Certificate programs will be the first in Florida. Bachelor's just announced.

Guests attending the opening of the AI Center at Wolfson Campus

Starting this fall, MDC’s School of Engineering and Technology will offer three new artificial intelligence programs, the first of their kind in Florida. The Associate in Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence will be one of the first in the nation.

In recent years, the global artificial intelligence market has experienced significant growth. By offering these new programs, MDC is creating pathways for students to gain knowledge about AI technologies and develop a range of skills, from basic awareness to technical expertise.

The Programs

The Associate in Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence, will prepare students to fill the rising demand for professionals with technical expertise, such as AI Developers or AI Specialists. This program provides students with an understanding of AI’s lifecycle management and the ethical considerations relevant to its design and implementation. Students also learn machine learning, data collection, classification, natural language processing, the functions of AI virtual assistants and techniques used in AI for computer vision as domains to build AI solutions, among other concepts and popular tools.

Two new College Credit Certificates (CCC) will also be offered for those seeking to learn the fundamentals of AI. The 9-credit CCC in Artificial Intelligence Awareness is designed to provide students from any field with an understanding of AI concepts and applications. Students will learn about AI’s role in various industries and how these technologies may be applied in their fields. The 18-credit CCC in Artificial Intelligence Practitioner is designed for students seeking to develop the technical skills required for real-world AI applications. The program covers data management, machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision, among other topics.

AI Bachelor of Science Just Announced!

Miami Dade College’s innovative Bachelor of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence is designed to meet the fast-growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) professionals. The State Board of Education has granted approval for this new program to begin in 2024. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students will be equipped to join the fascinating work of using AI-enabled systems in the workplace to streamline business processes, enhance decision-making, and provide exceptional customer experiences. The program additionally focuses on ethical standards and socially responsible practices in the implementation of these technologies and data-driven decision making.

The program begins fall of 2024, but students can start taking prerequisites now. Students can begin their journey in AI by enrolling in MDC’s Associate in Science degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence. This program offers a direct pathway to the Bachelor of Science in Applied AI. Advisors are available, call: 305-237-1160, or email


In an effort to make AI education more accessible and affordable for local residents, MDC’s School of Engineering and Technology will offer scholarships for all new AI courses offered in the fall 2023 semester, which begins August 21.

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