Student Set to Excel in ChinaYaacov Moshe Earns Coveted Scholarship for Year Abroad

MDC student Yaacov Moshe, a polyglot who has already mastered four languages and is proficient in a handful of others, has won an academic scholarship to study for a whole year in China from the Confucius Institute.

“This is the preeminent collegiate scholarship for study in China,” said Dr. Jim Yu, director of the Confucius Institute at MDC. “Yaacov is an extraordinary student.”

Grateful for the award, Moshe said “I am honored and excited. Since I’ve already studied in China for a year at the Jiangsu Normal University, I am really ready and focused.”

The Confucius Institute, with headquarters in Beijing, is a global organization that partners with U.S. schools to provide Chinese language training, cultural education and outreach to students and the community.

“Our programs help students develop an international perspective,” Yu said. “This highlights the critical role international studies have in creating global citizens in a competitive world.”

Moshe knows that the year ahead in China will also catapult him into a great career. “I’m looking at a lot of possibilities, from the intelligence services to diplomacy to international business,” he said.