Padrón Campus Unveils Renovated Spaces for Student Services and Science LabLab space facilitates student experiments and participation in faculty-led research projects

College president and administrators cutting ribbon

Eduardo J. Padrón Campus held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its newly renovated Student Services space and Science Lab. MDC President Madeline Pumariega, Provost Dr. Malou Harrison, Padrón Campus President Dr. Alanka Brown and other College administrators were in attendance. The event wase livestreamed and recorded.

View recorded event

“Both facilities are designed to enhance the student experiences at the Padrón Campus,” said Dr. Brown. “The new Student Services space is designed to minimize the time it takes students to receive services. The state-of-the-art lab will provide tools for students to learn and develop their research.”

The new Science Lab will allow students to perform experiments and participate in faculty-led research projects in chemistry, biology and physics with purposefully designed areas for collaborative work.

At the new Student Services space, students will have access to financial aid, admissions, registration and advising in one place.