NWSA Opens Impressive Exhibition from Its Private Collection of Latin American Artists

Painting of lady in profile dressed in blue by a window with full moon

After more than a decade, New World School of the Arts’ visual arts division has curated an impressive exhibition showcasing more than a dozen artworks from established Latin American artists. The pieces in “Selected Works from the NWSA Collection” were chosen from a growing collection of donated artworks that includes more than one hundred pieces. Bequeathed to New World School of the Arts by art collectors and renowned Latin American artists, the collection is carefully and safely stored in an off-site vault location and has only been open to the public twice in the past.

Artists exhibited include Antonio H. Amaral (Brazil); Enrique Campuzano (Chile); Benjamin Cañas (El Savador); Siron Franco (Brazil); Maria Martinez-Cañas (Cuba); Miguel Padura (Cuba); and Guillermo Trujillo (Panama).

Fern Palmas, who co-curated the show alongside O. Gustavo Plascencia, Dean of Visual Arts at NWSA, explained, “We have embarked on a journey into this treasure trove, carefully unpacking, documenting, and archiving this extensive collection. This meticulous process, spanning over four months and ongoing, is a testament to the dedication we hold in preserving and honoring the artistic legacy bestowed upon us.”
Amidst this archival endeavor, New World School of the Arts has handpicked a selection of favorites, recognizing the importance of bringing these masterpieces out of the shadows. “It is not merely an internal celebration but a decision to extend this visual feast to our school community and the public at large. We believe that showcasing these artworks is a profound acknowledgment of the creative spirit that defines our institution and an invitation to share in the cultural wealth that has been generously bestowed upon us,” continued the curator.

“Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these artworks become invaluable educational tools. Students and art enthusiasts alike can delve into the nuances of technique and the symbolism embedded in each stroke that inspired these creations. By bringing these masterpieces to the forefront, the collection contributes to the global recognition of Latin American artists.”

Fern Palmas

“The collection serves as a living testament to the rich cultural legacy of Latin America. It encapsulates the evolution of artistic expression over time, providing a visual dialogue on the region’s history, identity, and societal transformations. It also sheds light on their individual contributions and the collective impact of Latin American art on the international stage. As these artworks emerge, they become a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring artists. The collection is not just a static display; it’s a dynamic force that can spark creativity, encourage exploration, and foster a deeper appreciation for the power of artistic expression. We invite the public to embark on a visual odyssey, a journey through the soul of Latin American artistry. Beyond the strokes of paint and the contours of form, these artworks echo with the voices of their creators, weaving a narrative that transcends borders and resonates with the universal language of art,” Palmas concluded.
Aspiring artists in the NWSA visual arts division can join other exceptionally talented students as they engage in the pursuit of their artistic career in the visual, graphic, or electronic arts. Trained by nationally renowned practicing artists, students at New World School of the Arts are encouraged to develop a personal, artistic, and aesthetic vision while mastering their technical skills in traditional and new media. Students are allowed to explore new paths while at the same time being exposed to the work of both classical and contemporary masters. Through disciplined training in traditional and new media, students develop new skills and refine others while gaining invaluable understanding of the roles of art and design in society. Areas of concentration include Art & Technology, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. Information about the NWSA visual arts division at 305- 237-3620. 
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November 17, 2023 – January 26, 2024
Opening Reception: November 17; 5PM – 7PM

New World Gallery
25 NE 2 Street, Lobby, Miami

Free and open to the public