North Campus Unveils New School of Justice BuildingGrand opening of the new School of Justice Emergency Operations Lab (EOL), Cyber-Range and 911-Dispatch Training Lab

Marching with flags at building opening

Miami Dade College’s North Campus celebrated the grand opening of its new School of Justice Emergency Operations Lab (EOL), Cyber-Range and 911-Dispatch Training Lab. The 120,000-square-foot, two-story multi-purpose building will serve College programs in law enforcement, security and corrections, firefighting and EMS academic accreditation and certification. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 21.

In addition to providing services for students, the new building features facilities where police trainees can conduct scenario role play and isolation drills, as well as an officer survival city that includes a rappelling tower, defensive tactics rooms, a 12-lane firearms training range, virtual judgment simulation labs, tactical driving simulators and defense tactics training to enhance officer skills in emergency/crisis mitigation techniques. The facility also incorporates a Vitra/Blue Fire training lab, a tactical lab, a 911-Dispatch Training Lab, an Emergency Center Operation (ECO) lab, a mock-courtroom and mock-intake and physical training room spaces. The building also houses eight classrooms.

Since 1971, MDC has led the development and preparation of public safety professionals. Expanding from its humble beginnings, the School of Justice, Public Safety and Law Studies now provides educational and training opportunities to more than 12,000 individuals annually. In addition to offering criminal justice academic programs, the school provides training toward certification and licensing in various areas of public safety, including fire, police, corrections and private security.

For more information about programs and opportunities, visit the MDC School of Justice.