North Campus Hosted Early College ExperienceThe unique contributions of early mentorship programs reap substantial benefits

male students in a lecture hall
5000 Role Models

MDC’s North Campus, in collaboration with the 5000 Role Models of Excellence, recognized 30 middle school students for their completion of a one-week “college student internship” as part of The Early College Experience program.  This academic partnership enables eligible participants to experience college during the summer.

“We are pleased to have served this group of aspiring students through engagement and enrichment activities that will further expand their learning, while exposing them to the numerous opportunities available through higher education,” said Dr. Malou C. Harrison, campus president of the North and InterAmerican Campuses.

Students experienced hands-on activities and academic immersions to facilitate knowledge in a variety of subject areas. Exposure in the fields of STEAM, Business, Criminal Justice, and Journalism, among others, will provide enriching opportunities to clarify and inspire future academic endeavors. The immersive approach serves as a platform to enhance real life experiences, foster positive interpersonal relationships, and incentivize students to become lifelong learners.

A signature component of The Early College Experience is to strengthen the principles of early mentorship that prove so important with young students. It is highly documented in scholarly research that students exposed to the college environment at an early age have a greater chance of not only pursuing a college education but also graduating at accelerated rates. The unique contributions of early mentorship programs reap substantial benefits, as students are better informed, and hence better prepared to confront real world challenges.  The College is renowned for leading the way in supporting minority youths and equipping students to excel through a unique combination of mentoring, career counseling, academic support, and robust cultural exposure.

The mission of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is to give minority boys throughout Miami-Dade County hope, a vision of greatness to emulate in their everyday lives and a fraternal aura of brotherly love. Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson founded the nationally acclaimed organization in 1993.

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