More Than 2,500 Shark Name Ideas SubmittedVote for your favorite from the Top 3 now through October 26th

UPDATE: You submitted more than 2,500 ideas for the MDC Shark’s name and they’ve been narrowed down to the Top 3: Blade, Blue and Finn. Visit to vote for your favorite. MDC students and staff can vote for one name per day.

The MDC community is calling attention to a member who doesn’t always get the recognition he deserves. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t actually have a name.

We’re talking about our campus mascot – the Shark. Once the Shark arrived on the scene, the competition was, shall we say, shredded, and he was selected to represent all campuses. He used to be more prominent. However, lately, he’s been keeping to himself and is rarely seen. Sure, this adds an air of mystery — and what shark doesn’t like an element of surprise? But the fact is, he’d rather be spending time on campus with all of us. So he’s coming out to play again! There is no bigger supporter for all campus activities than the Shark who is eager to keep cheering us on and inspiring us to achieve more than we think possible.

He’s got a new look. He’s got attitude. He’s got ambition. He’s got the smarts. The only thing he doesn’t have is a name. That’s where the campus community comes in. We’ve launched a contest to give the Shark a name and we’re asking you to dive in. The top three submissions will be put up for a vote and the campus community will select the winning name.

The winner of the contest will receive absolutely nothing but bragging rights and the lasting satisfaction that it was you who came up with the name. You could win and enjoy many years of entertaining friends and family with your big fish story until they finally ask you to please, stop talking about it.

Celebrate your Shark pride! Suggest a name and build your legacy. Give yourself a reason to say: Hey, kids—have I ever told you about that time when I named the MDC Shark?