MDC Professor Honored for Leading Students to SuccessProfessor Renee Kilpatrick described as 'guiding light'

English Professor Renee T. Kilpatrick was recently honored for her contributions to the community with the 2014 President’s Distinguished Service Award for Excellence presented by the Alliance for Aging.

In her 25 years at MDC’s InterAmerican Campus, Kilpatrick has helped lead students to success through her many endeavors in and out of the classroom. She has been instrumental in organizing workshops for inner-city youth with the aim of guiding and encouraging them to persist in college and complete their degrees. In the process, she has helped students search and apply for scholarships and also has conducted workshops in test preparation for prospective first-year students.

Recognizing that developmental education is a key stepping-stone to college success, Kilpatrick has designed a collegewide assessment tool that is currently being piloted by other developmental education professors.

“Education and students will continue to evolve, and if I am to continue to be an efficient and effective teacher, I must be prepared to educate the ‘whole student’ in all aspects,” Kilpatrick said.