MDC Alumnus Ernie Diaz Leads at Bank

TD Bank has more than $268 billion in assets, and the person running the institution’s entire consumer distribution department is Ernie Diaz, a Miami Dade College graduate and Hall of Fame inductee.

MDC laid the groundwork for everything to come

Diaz was recently named National Head, Consumer Distribution for TD Bank and put in charge of online banking, ATM transactions, stores and contact centers, reporting directly to Greg Braca, the CEO of TD Bank.

Diaz has been in banking for more than 30 years, landing his first industry job toward the end of his freshman year at MDC, working as a debt collector for Barnett Bank. He said the College played a significant role in training him to be a success. “MDC laid the groundwork for everything to come,” he said. “It helped get me centered, and I will be forever grateful.” Before his latest promotion, Diaz was the president of TD Bank’s Metro Florida region, overseeing the institution’s retail, small business, commercial and specialty banking operations. He was also responsible for the bank’s lending services through a network of more than 150 locations.

For Diaz, much of his success traces back to MDC and his professors, which he said were first- rate. “They cared,” he said. “They understood their mission and knew that some of their students were immigrants and some were struggling. But they were never in a hurry with their students. They taught me that I could be whatever I wanted, if I applied myself.”