Jamar Raymond

With Full Picture in Mind, He Heals Whole Body

Jamar Raymond, who grad- uates in April with a certificate in massage therapy, said his MDC studies have given him a fuller understanding of the human body, which in turn will help him heal others.

“We take several anatomy courses, learning the body from the inside out,” he said. “We’ve learned about the cir- culatory, digestive and im- mune systems, and how everything functions together.”

Back pain is a main ailment treated by massage therapists. While they don’t make diagno- ses, they do offer recommen- dations based on a patient’s habits and lifestyle.

Raymond, who at 33 is tran- sitioning out of work in armed security, has been inspired to excel by his MDC professors, including David González and Ximena Baca, who are strong mentors.

“My courses have taught me to analyze a person by how they stand, how they move, their posture, and if they are hydrated properly – all these things have an effect,” Ray- mond said. “The professors who run the program are very excited about what they do, and they make you excited. Because of them, I’m moti- vated to go further and study physical therapy or maybe to become a paramedic.”

– WV