Five MDC Faculty Named Endowed Teaching ChairsThe Endowed Teaching Chair Program is a distinctive faculty honor and one of MDC’s most prestigious and valued traditions

Group photo of 2019 Endowed Teaching Chairs and Dr. Rolando Montoya
Dr. Rolando Montoya, Maria del Carmen Alvarez, Dr. Alvio Dominguez, Dr. Davia Hudson-Holness, Susan G. Lichtman, and Dr. Hien Minh Nguyen

Miami Dade College recognized five faculty members with the College’s highest honor during a ceremony held Tuesday, Dec. 10, earning the distinction of 2019 Endowed Teaching Chairs. Four faculty teach in STEM fields, and the fifth honoree teaches speech and mass communications.

The Endowed Teaching Chair Program is a distinctive faculty honor and one of MDC’s most prestigious and valued traditions. More than 300 MDC faculty members have been recognized since the Endowed Teaching Chair Program began in 1992. Endowed Teaching Chairs receive an annual stipend of $7,500 for three years to explore new teaching methods, develop projects and enhance their technological expertise.  The program is generously funded by individuals, corporations and organizations through the ongoing work of MDC Foundation.

Meet the 2019 Endowed Teaching Chairs:

Maria del Carmen Alvarez

Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Endowed Teaching Chair

Maria del Carmen Alvarez has devoted her professional teaching career and research to helping students learn mathematics. She engages students with an innovative curriculum that brings math to life, using real-world examples. From statistics to business calculus, algebra and trigonometry, Alvarez has taught a wide range of math courses at MDC over the past 30 years. She is based at Wolfson Campus and is also an MDC alumna. Alvarez is a doctoral candidate in higher education and administration at Florida International University.

Dr. Alvio Dominguez

Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón Endowed Teaching Chair

With over 20 years experience in the field, Dr. Alvio Dominguez is an award-winning educator, mentor, mathematician and textbook author at Wolfson Campus who is committed to helping minority and under-represented students and creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Dr. Dominguez won his first Endowed Teaching Chair award in 2008. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in mathematics at University of Miami.

Dr. Davia Hudson-Holness

Peter Masiko, Jr. Endowed Teaching Chair

In just 10 years, Dr. Davia Hudson-Holness has risen through the ranks to become full professor at MDC. She teaches chemistry at Wolfson Campus, and she was the recipient of MDC’s President’s Innovation Fund for her chemistry-focused mobile app in 2018. Prior to her work in the classroom, Dr. Hudson-Holness worked as a laboratory manager and technologist at Florida International University and the Sugar Industry Research Institute in Jamaica. She received her doctorate in chemistry at FIU.

Susan G. Lichtman

The Linda and Hank Raattama Endowed Teaching Chair

Susan Lichtman is a speech and mass communication professor at Homestead Campus who brings 30 years of industry experience and community service to the classroom. Prior to teaching, Lichtman held various positions, including WCUW-FM Public Radio, SGL Marketing Communications, Inc., University of Miami Graduate School of International Students and North-South Center, among others. Her work in the community includes Rotary Club of Miami, Southwest Oral History Association, the Miami chapter of Women in Communications, Inc. and National Communication Association. She was awarded a master’s degree in mass communication at Michigan State University and has done additional post-graduate work at American Public University and Minnesota State University-Mankato.

Dr. Hien Minh Nguyen

Manuel D. Medina Endowed Teaching Chair

A proud MDC alumnus, Dr. Hien Nguyen is renowned for his work to develop new technologies and learning techniques for his students, including DynaFlip. Dr. Nguyen is a computer science professor in MDC’s School of Engineering + Technology and Design who was instrumental in securing a prestigious, large STEM grant for the West Campus. He is co-founder, president and CEO of M Learning Center LLC and received his doctorate in computer science from Florida International University. Dr. Nguyen won his first Endowed Teaching Chair award in 2015.