Save the Date! Miami Dade College’s Trailblazing Academic Programs to Take Center Stage at eMerge Americas 2019

Miami, Feb. 19, 2019 Miami Dade College’s (MDC) most trailblazing technology, innovation and entrepreneurial programs and its students will take center stage once again at eMerge Americas 2019, April 29 -30, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Stop by the MDC booth to learn how to prepare for the careers of the future and explore the very latest programs in cybersecurity, cloud computing, data analytics, virtual and augmented reality, digital marketing, Tesla START, and much more!

Echoing the conference’s mission of creating a global idea exchange focusing on technology and innovation, connecting revolutionary start-ups, ideas and leaders, MDC will showcase its latest programs aimed at building a knowledge economy, fostering innovation and meeting workforce needs. MDC will also provide thought leadership sessions on the Launch Pad and Texpert stages as well as guide a discussion on the next frontier of digitization on the main stage.

Featured at eMerge Americas 2019 will be MDC’s state-of-the art Cybersecurity Center of the Americas, which is unlike any other in the region, with the most advanced technology to pave the way for a new generation of cybersecurity experts.  The Cyber Range is a cutting-edge training platform to learn how to detect, stop, and remediate cyberattacks in real-time. The Cyber Range training facility is powered by Cyberbit Ltd, a world leader of cybersecurity simulation and IT/OT detection and response platforms. The facility is designed to mimic what a S.O.C. (Security Operations Center) looks and feels like.  It provides a virtual environment used for cyberwarfare training and cybertechnology development – to provide trainees with hands-on instruction in a simulation platform.

MDC will also highlight the partnership with the Tesla START Automotive Technician Program that is scheduled to begin at MDC in Fall 2019. MDC is the first institution in the Southeastern United States to partner with Tesla to offer this certificate training program for service technicians. Tesla START is an accelerated 12-week program that pays students while they are training to become an electric vehicle technician. Tesla provides the vehicles, equipment, instructor, tools and curriculum for hands-on learning. Following successful completion of the program, students have the opportunity to work as a full-time employee at a Tesla service center.

MDC’s Makers Lab will also be on display with its creative, problem-solving space where ideas take physical shape. Free and open to the MDC community, the Makers Lab is equipped with high-precision industrial tools that make it easy to produce an accurate prototype, model or replica of virtually any object, using a wide range of materials and computer-aided design (CAD) software. Collaboration and experimentation are key to innovation at the Makers Lab, where students are encouraged to work with peers from other academic disciplines to identify problems and search for solutions from various perspectives.

In addition, participants can learn about MDC’s virtual reality and augmented reality college credit certificate program that prepares students for careers in these emerging industries, which according to field experts have the potential to become the next big computing platform. Currently, both enterprises and consumers are the drivers of VR/AR adoption, and while videogames are taking center stage in this new platform, near-term applications for use include additional diverse industries such as entertainment, healthcare, automotive, retail, education, advertising, tourism, space, skilled trades, the military and law enforcement.

Also learn more about MDC’s groundbreaking Idea Center, Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC), Miami Fashion Institute, School of Entertainment and Design Technology, School of Architecture and Interior Design, Miami Culinary Institute, School of Justice, Medical Campus, Eig-Watson School of Aviation, School of Global Business, Trade and Transportation, School of Engineering, Technology and Design, the Virtual College, School of Education, and School of Science.   To learn more about MDC’s trailblazing programs, please visit or call 305-237-8888.