Public Notice – Notice of Teleconference Special Meeting – Miami Dade College

The  Miami  Dade  College  Investment  Advisory  Committee  will  hold  a  Special  Meeting  on  Monday,        October 26, 2020.  The meeting will begin at 9:30 am.  In order to comply with responsible social distancing requirements, the meeting will only be available to the public via livestream. For information on attending the teleconference special meeting, please call 305-237-0645.

At the Special Meeting, the Investment Advisory Committee will discuss matters concerning the College’s investment portfolios.

Individuals with disabilities as defined under the American with Disabilities Act who wish to attend the teleconference   special   meeting  and  need   special   accommodations   can  request   them  by  calling  305-237-0269 or through the Florida Relay System (1-800-955-8771) not later than 24 hours prior to the teleconference special meeting on this Notice.

Dated this 22nd day of October 2020

Rolando Montoya, Ed. D.
Interim College President

Publication of this Notice on the 22nd day of October 2020