Miami Dade College’s West Campus to Present Above the Umbrellas

Miami, Jan. 21, 2020 – Miami Dade College’s (MDC) West Campus, in collaboration with Contemporary Art Projects USA, will present Above the Umbrellas by Daniel Deladonne.  The exhibition will be on display Jan. 30 – April 9. The event is free and open to the public.

Born and raised in the Miami Beach, Deladonne started his successful career in photography at a young age inspired by a strong influence of art and the love for his city.  He has been displaying his photographic artwork for many years, achieving great credibility and increasing its exposure throughout the time.

With his quick eye, fantastic composition and a clever dominion of his artistic media, Deladonne takes us on his visual odyssey all over the streets of Miami and other world-wide destinations. He spent much of his youth traveling to his mother’s hometown of Santiago, Chile. It was there, where he was exposed to his first passion in life: street art, and he soon became vehement with the raw beauty of “underground” art and the lifestyle that comes with it.

In a time where such art was frowned upon, Deladonne was on a mission to desensitize the stigma of graffiti.  For him, street art was a form of artistic expression on which he would be able to tell his own story. At the age of 13, his pseudonym Spore was born, catching on quickly in the Miami street art scene. Later, with a strong influence of graffiti complemented by the love for his city, Deladonne decided to pick up his definitive creative art form: photography.

Gaining reliability and coverage via Instagram, as well as practicing his artistic photography in a variety of specific fields that he determined for his presentation, Deladonne named them as Photography: Fashion, Street, Travel and Film. He has worked with galleries around the world, including A.Galerie in Paris, France. He has also participated in nonprofits such as “Art Sees No Boundaries”, an art exhibition destined to benefit the arts programs of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

His artistic photography was on display during Art Basel Miami week 2018. For Scope NY 2019, Deladonne exhibited at Contemporary Art Projects USA booth a large photography depicting an aerial view of the sea and the beach. The booth displays nature meets human through a figurative real-life depiction of the water and the sand merging with a geometric rhythm represented by some promenading people, the beach furniture and its equipment, in an overall equilibrate, as well as attractive, composition cleverly captured by the expert eye of the artist behind the camera.

For more information, please contact Tata Fernandez, Director of Contemporary Art Projects USA, 786-262-5886 or email:


WHAT:             Opening of Daniel Deladonne’s exhibition Above the Umbrellas


WHEN:             Thursday, Jan. 30 – Thursday, April 9


WHERE:           MDC’s West Campus, 3800 NW 115th Ave.