Miami Dade College Wins Chapter of the Year at Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conference!

Miami, April 11, 2018 – Miami Dade College’s (MDC) Kendall Campus won Florida Chapter of Year at this year’s Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) State Leadership Conference with students from the InterAmerican and North Campuses also collecting top awards. The students competed in events testing their business knowledge and skills. The top winners will compete at the 2018 PBL National Leadership Conference this summer.

Phi Beta Lambda is the premier collegiate business organization in the country. With dedicated advisors and hard-working officers as its foundation, for many year, MDC’s PBL chapter has earned recognition across the nation, including more than a hundred awards in state and national competitions. In addition, PBL embraces a spirit of community service, taking part in numerous fundraisers and charity events throughout the year.

Following are this year’s winners:

First Place

Kendall Campus

  • Administrative Technology- Samantha Solomon
  • Programming Concepts- Victor Suarez
  • Future Business Educator- Brian Abreu
  • Future Business Executive- Emily Tsokopoulos
  • Sports Management- Kenneth Guerrero
  • Accounting for Professionals- Jose Aleman
  • Accounting Anaylsis and Decision Making- Jose Aleman, Anna Giacosa, and Amanda Cancio
  • Economic Anaylsis and Decision Making- Karla Cejas, Nicolas Ramirez, and Victoria Menache
  • Human Resource Management- Judith Riol, Robert Solis, and Teresa Vazquez
  • Integrated Marketing- Taylor Gonzalez, Christopher Lechuga, and         Nelson Salerno
  • Marketing Anaylsis and Decision Making – Luna Leon, Nayib Luna, and Florence Garcia
  • Mobile Application Development- Alfred Labrada, Victor Suarez, and Bay Contreras
  • Parliamentary Procedure- Adrianna Torres, Hermes Martinez, Elaine Fernandez, Natalie Sanchez, and             Silvia Lituinou
  • Small Business Management – Santiago Merino, Steven Hernandez, and Maria Samboni
  • Community Service- Allison Newsome, Santiago Brito, and Nicholas Sousa

North Campus

  • Macroeconomics- Jefferson Saintilien
  • Business Law- Jose Perini
  • Financial Concepts- Jorge Gonzalez
  • Global Analysis and Decision Making- Jefferson Saintilien, Isaiah Gaudin, Nazario Saint Louis


Second Place

InterAmerican Campus

  • Management Analysis & Decision Making- Alexia Sentmanat, Angely Urdaneta, and Oscar Romero
  • Global Analysis and Decision Making- Romero Alejandro Garcia and Carlos Gonzalez

Kendall Campus

  • Accounting Principles- Amanda Cancio
  • Accounting for Professionals- Amanda Cancio
  • Administrative Technology- Bay Contreras
  • Public Speaking- Dylan O’Campo
  • Contemporary Sports Issues- Kenneth Guerrero
  • Network Concepts- Victor Suarez
  • Forensics Accounting- Alicia Zayas, Elizabeth Pulisci, and Dariel St. Espuru
  • Emerging Business Issues- Andy de Pablo, Amber Sefiert, and Thalia Cendeno
  • Social Media Campaign- Gustavo Roig, Sally Valcarcel, and Rachel Marolf
  • Strategic Management and Anaylsis- Stella Leone, Rebecca Abreu, and Diego Martinez

North Campus

  • Macroeconomics- Christonique Basden
  • Microeconomics- Dean Nadler
  • Economic Analysis and Decision Making- Nicolas Samudio and Zixi Chi
  • Accounting Analysis and Decision Making- Hector Avilan, Dean Nadler, and Santiago Costa
  • Financial Analysis and Decision Making- Frank Garcia, Jorge Gonzalez, and Albert Hernandez
  • Job Interview- Nathalie Prophete


Third Place

Kendall Campus

  • Accounting for Professionals- Anna Giacosa
  • Administrative Technology- Krystal DeVilliers
  • Business Communication- Dylan O’Campo
  • Business Law- Enzo Sinclair, Cassandra Concillo, and Kenneth Guerrero
  • Business Presentation- Teresa Vazquez, Victoria Menache, and Thalia Cendeno
  • Financial Anaylsis- Christian Corrales
  • Global Analysis and Decision Making- Silvia Lituinou and Gabrieka Chaljub

North Campus

  • Macroeconomics- Zixi Chi
  • Accounting Principles- Santiago Costa
  • Computer Applications- Britni Giardinieri
  • Justice Administration- Anita Seogopaul
  • Personal Finance- Akira Bodden
  • Management Analysis and Decision Making- Alexandra Rodriguez, Britni Giardinieri, and Edymar Urdaneta.
  • Marketing Analysis and Decision Making- Christonique Basden and Zixi Chi

*While this news release focuses on only the top awards, many MDC students received recognition in other categories.

For more information on PBL, please contact professor and advisor Maria C. Mari at