Miami Dade College to Receive Honorable Mention for Green Cleaning Award

Miami, April 5, 2018-  Miami Dade College’s (MDC) Wolfson Campus received an Honorable Mention for the Green Cleaning Award for Schools & Universities, which recognizes education institutions for healthy and sustainable approaches to cleaning to protect health without harming the environment. MDC will also be profiled in an upcoming issue of the American School & University national magazine.

MDC was recognized for its campus-wide communication plan about green cleaning/sustainable practices as well as for its Earth Ethics Institute, which works to foster an understanding of cosmology and ecological principles as the basis for sustainable living.  MDC was also honored for its partnerships with campus and community organizations to ensure quality staff training and support of green cleaning and recycling initiatives.

Half of the more than 60 million students and staff attending schools in this country are being exposed to polluted indoor air, including lead, asbestos, chemical fumes, pesticides, molds and other toxins at those schools. A green cleaning program can help reduce these harmful exposures by helping students stay healthy and learn, protecting the health of custodial staff, increasing the lifespan of facilities, preserving the environment and saving money.

Beyond chemical and equipment choices, a green-cleaning program includes policies, procedures, training and shared responsibility efforts that minimize the impact of cleaning on the health of building occupants and staff, and that protect the environment as a whole.

The award seeks to recognize teams involved in implementing green-cleaning programs, which may include administrative and janitorial staff, outside contractors, vendors, and community and advocacy groups.

The competition is open to all educational institutions ranging from preschool to universities.  The judging criteria was based on the comprehensiveness and quality of the green-cleaning program.  Also, how well each institution used green-cleaning products, equipment and supplies; adopted green-cleaning procedures; used green paper and plastic products; and shared the responsibility.

The award is sponsored by American School & University, The Green Cleaning Network and the Healthy Schools Campaign.