Miami Dade College to Launch Cutting Edge Miami Fashion Institute in Downtown Miami

Miami, April 1, 2016 – Several years in the making, Miami Dade College (MDC) is ready to weave the next big chapter in Miami with its cutting edge Miami Fashion Institute (MFI). Located at the Wolfson Campus of MDC in the heart of Downtown Miami, it is the only facility of its kind at a public higher education institution in Florida and one of only a handful nationally.  The program is made possible with the support of the Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Foundation.

MFI will strengthen and better position Miami as an international fashion hub, by creating an ecosystem that supports industry growth and provides an educational foundation to develop a skilled workforce.

As with many other state-of-the-art program offerings, such as with the IDEA Center, MAGIC, and ETCOTA, MDC is a catalyst for providing real solutions to address our most pressing local workforce and industry challenges. The new Institute will bridge the gaps in affordability and accessibility by providing quality programming and facilities at a fraction of the cost when compared to those of private competitors.

MFI will launch a Fashion Design & Merchandising degree program with concentrations in Fashion Design and Retail Merchandising in the fall of 2016. Students in the intensive, hands-on two-year program will develop skills in creative design, apparel evaluation and production and gain command of the technical skills in pattern making and garment construction, two critical skills to enter a career in fashion design. They will also master retail merchandising while gaining a comprehensive foundation in textiles, merchandising strategies, principles of contemporary retail, product development, marketing, fashion research and forecasting, and global merchandising, which are all required in today’s highly competitive fashion industry.

In addition to enjoying one of the most robust retail operations nationally, over the last decade, Miami has become the international gateway for many industries. “Fashion is a multi-trillion dollar global industry and Miami is a creative, cosmopolitan, global city with a flourishing fashion community,” said The Beacon Council President & CEO Larry K. Williams who leads economic development for Miami-Dade County. “Congratulations to Miami Dade College for having the foresight to create this new program to build a talented workforce which in turn helps attract jobs and strengthen the industry in our community.”

The fashion industry is ripe for growth. With the Design District as our neighbor and designers like Naeem Khan moving their operations to Miami, there is a demand for skilled professionals. MDC has consulted with some of the best fashion schools around the world, a soon to be impaneled international advisory board, local designers, manufacturers and retailers who have all shown strong support. MDC is committed to develop a larger pool of future candidates for employment in the fashion field and support job creation. With its many international students, the Wolfson Campus is one of the

College’s most diverse locations. Placing MFI in this setting will place Miami at the forefront of the industry. In particular, fashion and merchandising provide employment pathways for students who come from a multitude of socio-economic backgrounds.

The College will release more details in the coming weeks, including on a launch event at its National Historic Freedom Tower.

For more information, please call (305) 237-3675 or email