Miami Dade College to Host Reach Higher-College Signing Day May 5

Miami, May 1, 2017Miami Dade College’s (MDC) North Campus will host the 2nd Annual Reach Higher-College Signing Day on Friday, May 5, at 10 a.m., with keynote speaker Darrell Roberts, a MDC alumnus and Hall of Fame recipient. It is an initiative inspired by former First Lady Michelle Obama in an effort to inspire every student in America to enroll in college and complete their education beyond high school.

College Signing Day is a collaborative community celebration and recognition of the high school graduating class of 2017, especially students that have made the important decision to enroll and pursue their dreams at MDC. This celebration will continue to foster a college-bound culture within the Greater Miami–Dade County community.

Approximately 1,000 students and educators from 12 Miami-Dade area high schools will attend the event to secure admission and enrollment into the College. Seniors will stand before teachers, friends, and the community as they announce their commitment to attend college and share stories about their upcoming academic pathways. Participants will immerse themselves in an interactive display of academic disciplines that offer students a panoramic view of real-world career opportunities available upon earning degrees from MDC. The event will serve to motivate the seniors with a clear school-to- college-to career pathway to reach their full potential.

Along with former First Lady Michelle Obama, MDC aims to promote higher learning and encourage high school students to commit to a college or university prior to graduating from high school. College Signing Day offers a unique opportunity to celebrate graduating seniors, highlight student leaders, and inspire more young people to take the first steps on their journey to higher education.

Darrell Roberts is the founder and director of Showcasing Aviation for Education and Empowerment (SAFEE) organization. SAFEE is dedicated to help children stay in school, improve their academic performance and explore STEM career possibilities in the aviation industry. Roberts was raised in Miami’s Liberty City and earned his degree from MDC.

For more information, please contact 305-237-1149.