Miami Dade College Recognized for Best Dental Hygiene Program in Florida

Miami, Aug. 23, 2019- Miami Dade College (MDC) was recognized as having the best dental hygiene school in Florida.  The Nursing Process, a national online guide to nursing and healthcare education, recognized MDC for training its students and providing them with the required skills and knowledge, by combining didactic and lab sessions, with extensive clinical learning at a fully-equipped dental clinic at its Medical Campus.

Although the demand for dental services is growing, the number of new graduates from dental hygiene programs also has increased, resulting in more competition for jobs.  MDC prepares its graduates to become leaders in the dental health industry dedicated to helping individuals maintain oral health and prevent disease. Poor oral health can lead to other ailments.

MDC offers an Associate in Science degree in Dental Hygiene.  A dental hygienist is qualified by education and licensure to provide direct patient care prescribed by the dentist, to remove deposits and stains from the teeth, expose and develop dental x-ray films, and perform various other preventative and therapeutic services related to oral health care. A Dental Hygienist educates individuals and groups of patients in proper preventive measures and explains the relationship between diet, smoking, general health and oral health.

The dental hygiene curriculum at MDC includes courses in dental anatomy, preventive dentistry, dental radiology, periodontology, community dental health, dental materials, and dental practice management and leadership.

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