Miami Dade College Celebrates National Tutoring Week Oct. 3-7

Miami, Sept. 29, 2022The Learning Resources Department at Miami Dade College (MDC) will host a series of collegewide events in appreciation of tutors during National Tutoring Week, Oct. 3- 7.

National Tutoring Week was launched over a decade ago by the National Tutoring Association. It is an annual celebration to recognize tutors for all their hard work with students at colleges, universities, and private tutoring centers across the country each October.

At MDC, students have access to knowledgeable tutors who provide face-to-face and remote instruction in various subject areas, such as writing, reading, speech, business, technology, math, natural science, health sciences, test preparation, and more. Tutoring is free for registered students.

Tutor Appreciation Week is an opportunity to highlight the important work of MDC tutors in bridging the gap between classroom instruction and independent study. Tutors work tirelessly to meet students where they are most comfortable, online or in-person, to support them with their academic goals.

Join MDC’s Learning Resources Department as we highlight Tutor contributions all week long with the following college-wide events:

Monday, Oct. 3 through Friday, Oct. 7

All Campuses

Gotta Read ‘Em All!

Picks from your favorite tutors! Campus libraries will have tutor movie, game, graphic novel, and book recommendations on display throughout the week. Titles are also available 24/7 on OverDrive. Easily browse tutors’ top selections from our digital collection using the Libby app.

Tutor Starter Pack

Think you know your tutors? Visit your campus Learning Resources department and meet with them to gather their exclusive Pokémon cards. Begin building your Poké-Tutor deck today!

Tutor, I Thank You!

Stop by Learning Resources and leave a message for your favorite tutor.

Thursday, Oct. 6, 12 p.m.

All Campuses

Celebrating our Tutors!

Learning Resources staff luncheon celebrating tutor excellence.