Miami Dade College Announces 2022 Summer Camps

Miami, May 2, 2022 – From animation to learning CSI techniques, Miami Dade College’s (MDC) unique Summer Camps are unmatched in variety, quality and fun. Open to kids, tweens and teens, the camps will be available at various MDC campuses and state-of-the-art facilities.

This year’s highlights include Robotics, Teen Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Health Care Careers, Game Design, E-commerce, Financial Trading and Crypto, SAT Preparation, Improvisational Theatre, Artificial Intelligence, Animation and, for the first time, a two-week Esports Camp!

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 View below some of this year’s top MDC Summer Camps:


Homestead Campus

500 College Terrace

Homestead, FL 33030

Tel. 305-237-5159

 LEGO® EV3 Robotics: Engineering and Design (Ages 7-11) $115. June 14 – July 30

Introductory class to building and programming robots using the LEGO EV3 Robotics system. Learn mechanical design, construction, programming and teamwork skills. In small teams, using LEGO blocks, motors and sensors; students explore gears, build and control a line-drawing robot and finally build a robot which avoids obstacles.

Game Design/Coding (Ages 13-17) $250. June 27 – July 8

Students will learn how to create their own video games using the same processes and tools as industry professionals. Design games, characters, and levels using the Unity game engine.


Kendall Campus

11011 S.W. 104th St.

Miami, FL  33176

Tel. 305-237-2161

Teens College Summer Program (Ages 13-17) $115. June 13 – August 5  

Teen College provides an educational yet fun environment where teens and parents can customize their schedule and choose classes, they like the most. Teens can choose from a wide variety of weekly programs and activities such as Culinary, Lego Robotics, Computers and Technology, Science and Nature, Modeling, Public Speaking, Art, Reading, Photography and so much more!

Wild Things Happens (Ages 5-11) $168. June 13 – August 5

Wild Things Happens is an old fashioned, fun-filled summer camp for ages 5 -11.  Activities include: arts & crafts, sports, computers, reading for fun, dancing, indoor games, pool activities and field trips.  Filed trip, lunch and snack included.

Rocket/Paper Plane (Ages 7-12) $115. June 13-17

This exciting class will introduce students to the science of flight by following the design cycle (investigating, designing, planning, creating, evaluating and reflecting upon their project) to create paper airplanes and a water-bottle rocket. Students will build a rocket using simple materials such as plastic bottles, paper towel tubes and newspapers, and then launch it in an open area.

 LEGO EV3: Robotics Interaction (Ages 7-12) $115. June 20-24

In this class students will learn how robots respond to one another. Students will use their built model to interact with other robots and will use a computer to program their robots to move, react and make sounds in order to solve challenges.

 Public Speaking/Leadership Teens (Ages 13-17) $115. June 27 – July 1

Captivate the audience by learning about voice projection, articulation, tonality, visual poise, posture, selling and advertising, audience connection and overcoming shyness in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

 Become a YouTuber! For Teens (Ages 13-17) $115. July 5-8

Interested in sharing ideas, comments or rate a product? Learn to create a YouTube account, brainstorm to generate content, record, edit and upload video to a YouTube channel.

Reading Adventures Kids (Ages 7-12) $115. July 11-15

Students will experience the joy of reading through hands-on activities. This class is designed to encourage them to become excellent readers, extend their reading beyond the classroom, develop and enhance basic phonics skills and use their reading, writing and speaking skills in everything they do.

 Shake It Up: Zumba (Ages 7-12). July 25-29

This class is a perfect option to incorporate exercise into the kids’ lives and improve children health. It includes fitness music, choreographies and different rhythms Zumba for kids is a fitness fun experience to gain coordination, balance, self-confidence and multiple personal benefits.


Medical Campus

950 NW 20 St.

Miami, Fl 33132

Tel. 305-237-4177

Introduction to Health Care Careers Camp (Ages 13-16) $215. June 20-24 and July 18-22

This camp is designed for students interested in learning about the different health care careers available at MDC Medical Campus. In this one-week camp, participants will explore different careers while participating in hands-on activities.  Students will have access to the state-of-the-art simulation lab, learn how to take vital signs.  Upon completion participants will receive an American Heart Association (AHA) Heart Saver certificate.  In addition, students will participate in healthy activities, such as yoga, Zumba, belly dancing, and more.


North Campus

11380 N.W. 27th Ave

Miami, FL  33167

Tel. 305-237-1019

CSI and Procedural Justice Camp (Ages 14 to 17) Free. June 21 – July 30

Sponsored by The Children’s Trust, the CSI and Procedural Justice Camp will offer incoming high school students 9 -12 grade, the opportunity to participate in six weeks of interactive activities in an engaging environment at MDC North campus. The camp supports academic success and college readiness through specialized areas including Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), civic engagement activities, social-emotional learning, skill-building, and family engagement.  Successful completion of the 180 contact hours leads to earning three college credits, which can be applied to degrees from Miami Dade College School of Justice. To request an application or for more information, please contact

Teens College Summer Program (Ages 13 to 17) $115. June 13 – August 5

Teen College at North campus provides an educational yet fun environment where teens and parents can customize their schedule and choose classes, they like the most. Teens can select from a wide variety of weekly programs and activities such as Creative Arts, Dance, Test Preparation, Technology, and so much more!


West Campus

3800 NW 115th Ave

Doral, FL 33178

Tel. 305-237-8513

Robotics (Ages 8 – 15) $225. June 13-17, June 27 – July 1 and July 11-15

This five-day course is designed for students ages 8-15 with no previous robotics experience. Structured lessons and lectures will introduce participants to construction, use of sensors, and programming. Working in pairs and groups, students will build simple robots, and program them to move, react, and solve easy challenges.

English Boot Camp (8 -15) $225. July 25-29 and August 1-5

Learn basic English grammar, develop basic speaking and listening skills in a safe, full-filled academic environment. This course has been designed for students who have had little or no exposure to the English language. All learning materials are included.

Art Camp (Ages 8-15) $225. June 20-24, July 18-22 and August 1-5

Have fun learning to sculpt, paint, and draw. This fun-filled week camp will encourage participants to explore their creativity and imagination using different artistic media. Students will participate in an end of week art exhibition on campus.

Artificial Intelligence Camp (Ages 16 – 19) Free. June 13-20

Offered at MDC’s AI Center, this camp will provide a hands-on introduction to computer science and artificial intelligence, ethical issues surrounding AI implementation, and tech careers. Artificial intelligence is a constellation of different technologies working together to enable machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence. This experience is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to explore opportunities in the AI career pathway.

Tesla Summer Camp (Ages 16 – 19) $395. June 13- 20

This camp has been designed for students that are interested in Electric Vehicle Technology. Participants will learn about the history of Tesla, fundamentals of electricity, the future of the automotive industry, and the different automotive environments.


Wolfson Campus

300 N.E. Second Ave.

Miami, Fl. 33132

Tel. 305-237-3120

This year, The Business Innovation and Technology (BIT) Center, which is located at the Wolfson Campus, will offer three exciting camps that will teach students important concepts about Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Financial trading and Crypto Currency. Some of the camps will also be imparted at the West Campus. Grant funds are available for low-income families interested in these three courses. For more information call 305-975-8998 or contact

Digital Marketing Camp (Ages 14 to 19) $395. June 13-17

Whether starting a business or a new blog about your favorite hobby, digital marketing has become essential for success. And the earlier you master it, the better. Taught by guest speakers from Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with a hands-on approach, students learn the fundamentals for launching an ad campaign through today’s most popular digital marketing platforms. They will also discover how to build an organic social media strategy, launch a paid media campaign to a targeted audience, and how influencers work in the top networks. This camp will also take place at the West Campus June 20-24.

Financial Trading and Crypto Camp (Ages 14 to 19) $395. June 20-24

What is Bitcoin? How do you buy and trade Cryptocurrencies?  Taught by guest speakers from Bloomberg, Robinhood, and TradeStation, students will learn basic stock market concepts, how to examine the stock market, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and the ins and outs of financial trading. To enhance the learning with a hands-on approach experience students will learn how to create an algorithmic “Bot”!  Enjoy friendly competition among classmates with $10K in virtual cash to buy and sell stocks and cryptos using real-time prices.

 E-Commerce: Selling on The Web Camp (Ages 14 to 19) $395. June 27 – July 1

Do you have a business idea? Would you like customers buying from you while you sleep?  Taught by guest speakers from Shopify, Amazon Fulfillment, Google, and Facebook, students will learn with a hands-on approach the fundamentals for launching a website via today’s most popular digital marketing platforms. They will also discover how to drive traffic to a website, build a sales funnel, generate leads, develop content-marketing strategies for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and create repeat customers.

 Improvisational Theatre Camp (Ages 16 to 19) $395. June 20-24 and August 1-5

Would you like to learn how performers in Second City and “Whose Line is it Anyway” perform scenes with only a suggestion from the audience?  This camp offers high school students the opportunity to learn improv techniques, experience theatre games, and perform scenes in front of an audience.  Acquiring skills in communication, creativity, developing characters, and increasing your audience comfort and having fun doing it makes this theatre camp extra special.

Entrepreneurship: Be Creative and Innovative (Ages 16 to 19) $395. June 27 – July 1

Would you like to be more creative?  Would you like to learn how creativity and innovation is the core of entrepreneurship?  In this five-day experiential journey, high school students will explore creativity, learn and practice the steps of Design Thinking, and learn how to innovate using 3-D Printing and computer models. This camp will also take place at the West Campus June 20-24.

Entrepreneurship: Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset (Ages 16 to 19) $395. July 11 – July 15

Would you like to develop a way of thinking that enables you to become more decisive and overcome challenges, while developing greater responsibility for your results? In this five-day workshop, you will develop the skills and mindset which help entrepreneurs become more successful.

Entrepreneurship: Be an Entrepreneur (Ages 16 to 19) $395. July18 – July 22

Develop your idea into a business model and entrepreneurial plan as you learn about entrepreneurship.  High school Students will explore the six major questions of developing a business and present it in a final pitch presentation before a panel of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship: Be A Leader (Ages 16 to 19) $395. July 25 – July 29

What does it take to be a good leader as an entrepreneur or manager?  In this five-day intensive leadership lab, high school students will participate in an interactive leadership laboratory which will help expand their understanding and abilities to become an effective leader.

Future Bankers and Financial Services Camp (High School Students). July 5 – July 29

The Future Bankers & Financial Professionals Camp is designed to motivate and tap into the talent of high-achieving minority students from low-income areas, providing them exposure to a promising career path in the financial services industry. It is a collaborative effort of the Center for Financial Training International (CFT), Career South Florida, FDIC, Federal Reserve Bank, Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College Global School of Business, and local financial services institutions. This tremendously successful program benefits not only the students, but the community and the industry, as well. Students will be selected for scholarships through an application process.


Padron Campus

627 SW 27th Ave.

Miami, FL. 33135

Tel. 305-237-6273

 SAT Math Preparation (Ages 14 to 19) $120. June 13-17 and July 18-22   

Review the math skills presented in this standardized test, and learn tips, strategies and techniques. This is a must for any four-year college applicant. (Textbook required)

SAT Reading Preparation (Ages 14 to 19) $120. June 20 – 24 and July 25-29

Review the Reading skills presented in this standardized test, and learn tips, strategies and techniques. This is a must for any four-year college applicant. (Textbook required)

SAT Essay Master Writing (Ages 14 to 19) $120. June 27 – July 1 and August 1 – 5

SAT Essay Writing course is designed to prepare for writing an essay and maximize the score. The class will review reading comprehension, analytical, and writing skills assessed in this standardized test. A must for any college applicant. The goal for writing in this class is to prepare for the optional essay section on the new SAT which will be required by some colleges. You do not have to take the SAT with Essay, but students will be able to apply to schools that require it.

SAT Writing Preparation (Ages 14 to 19) $120. July 11 – 15 and August 8 – 12  

Enhance your writing skills and get ready for the Essay Section of the SAT test (textbook required)

 Computer Coding (Ages 14 to 19) $120. June 13 – August 12

Teens come and join us in this technological venture! Learn the tools used by professionals to code and develop websites, apps, programs, games and more.

GarageBand Camp (Ages 14 to 19) $120. June 13 – August 12

GarageBand turns your iPad, and iPhone into a collection of touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio to make music anywhere you go. Live Loops makes it easy for anyone to have fun creating music like a DJ. Learn how to record and produce music in GarageBand, how to edit your music projects and songs. How to use EQ, Compression, Reverb and Effects, Learn the anatomy of GarageBand and how to access all the tools available in the program.


Summer Programs at MAGIC (Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex)

Wolfson Campus

300 N.E. Second Ave. Building 1 and Building 8

Miami, Fl. 33132

Tel. 305-237-3120

Esports Camp (Age 14+). Two-week camp. $395 per week.

Join us at MDC College for our first-ever Esports Summer Camp, where students will immerse themselves in the world of competitive gaming at this exciting esports camp designed for all-skill level players. Coaches will guide players through games, drills, and strategies in a fun and competitive environment. Players will walk away with several tactics and tools that they can utilize to improve their gaming skills while building important life skills that extend beyond the game. Pre-Requisite: Basic computer skills.

 Week 1: June 13 – 17

Smash Brothers: Week 1 will show participants around the world of Esports while enjoying some time learning about Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Students will learn “What is Esports”, being healthy while playing, how to play with people you know, and people you don’t know, broadcasting and game analysis, as well as coaching other players and yourself to achieve your player goals.

Week 2: June 20 – 24

Overwatch: Expanding on the previous week’s camp, students will dive further into communication, and discuss toxicity, reinforcement, go further into health and fitness, and explore the introductory phases of journalism, marketing and some problems they face in the industry today. All the while the players enjoy learning about the game of Overwatch and to assess games that require the ability to aim and think fast.

Animation Camp (Ages 14-19). Two-week Camp. $395 per week.

Participants will get an introduction to character design and animation using Autodesk® Maya®, the application used by top video game development and film studios. Skills development will focus on the use of Autodesk” Maya” and Adobe Photoshop. This class is project-based; students will have the opportunity to complete a portfolio of their own animation. Pre-Requisite: Basic computer skills.

Week 1: June13-17

3D Modeling with Maya: Participants will learn valuable workflows that professionals use and create and sculpt 3D models. Instructors will teach the fundamentals of character design and rigging before students create their own original 3D props, set pieces, and characters.

Week 2: June 27- July 1

Character Animation with Maya: Using Autodesk Maya, students learn how to bring characters to life, using lighting, settings, and camera angles. They will be taught a workflow that will take pre-rigged models and animate them in a short sequence that tells a story.

3D Game Design Camp (Ages 14-19). Two-week camp. $395 each week.

Students will learn the premier 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering software packages on the market. Using the industry-standard, intuitive toolset featured in Autodesk® Maya® realistic 3D models will be created and prepared for gameplay in a gaming engine. Skills development will focus on the use of Autodesk” Maya” and Adobe Photoshop. Pre-Requisite: Basic computer skills.

Week 1: June 20-24 

Game Design with Unity: Create your own video games that can be explored on a PC. Students learn the proper workflow to create custom environments, objects and player challenges using Unity. They will be taught the basics of coding in Unity using the C# programming language.

Week 2: July 11-15 

Game Programming: Gain deeper knowledge of scripting, learning basic programming techniques and editing tools. Students will focus on developing for virtual reality and its unique design challenges. Participants will be taught the basics of coding in Unity using the C# programming language.

For more information about MAGIC Summer Camps and to enroll visit or contact Lillybeth Guilfucci 305-237-3598, or Oscar Pedroso 305-237-3031,