MDC’s Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex Takes over Venture Café March 28

=Miami, March 25, 2019 – Miami Dade College’s (MDC) acclaimed Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) will take over Venture Café on Thursday, March 28, offering workshops, panel discussions and showcasing student projects.

MAGIC workshops will be facilitated by students currently developing and producing animation and game projects. They include:

“Toying Emotions” (Animated Short)

Creative Director = Victoria Garcia

Producers= Silvia Sayas

Project Description:

Toying Emotions is a heartwarming 3D animated short film of a lonely porcelain doll named Anastasia sitting on a shelf in a toy store. Despite being alone she is hopeful that she will find her true home. This hope all of a sudden shatter when a jealous group of Russian nesting dolls and a rag doll gang up on poor Anastasia, and cruelly kick her off the shelf. Tragically Anastasia breaks her delicate face and now loses her chance of finding her true home where she will belong. However, during the commotion, a mysterious little girl named Elizabeth discovers the broken Anastasia and picks her up to be fixed by her father. Elizabeth’s father wishes to dispose of the porcelain doll, but she pleads, and due to the love that her father has for her he attempts to fix the doll. Despite his efforts the doll will never be perfect or beautiful again, but when he presents Anastasia to Elizabeth it turns out that they are truly beautiful for each other.

“Foxy’s Style” (Animated Short)

Creative Director = Lourdes Aguila

Producer = Alexis Garcia

Project Description:

Foxy’s Style is about a cartoon fox and hedgehog who run the hottest fashion store in town! They deal in style and smiles, helping others find their threads – and themselves. Brought to you by creative director Lourdes Aguila and producer Alexis Garcia; a feisty family of lions is preparing for the first day of school. Will Foxy and Hedgeworth be able to give the cub a little courage? Find out by watching Foxy’s Style!

“Siberia, the Frozen Front” (Video Game)

Creative Director = Viacheslav Burmistrov

Producers = Thomas Villanueva and Kenny Zambrano

Project Description:

In the 17th Century, Russia exiled many of its prisoners to the frozen wastes of Siberia. Ostracized from society and doomed to an icy fate, some exiles banned together and formed encampments; eventually, the expatriated Russians formed budding villages. In Siberia: The Frozen Front you will play the leader of one of these fledgling villages. You must lead your villagers in collecting resources and discover each villager’s strengths if you hope to survive the punishing Siberian winters.

“The Berlin Wall” (AR/VR Simulation)

Producer = Elias Soler

Project Description:

“The Berlin Wall, an Augmented Reality Simulation” will recreate the city of Berlin around the wall placed at Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus. Users will need to download a MDC app, and when aiming the camera at the piece of the Berlin wall, the simulation will be triggered. The city of Berlin will be materialized and users will be able to navigate west and east Berlin learning about the history of the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Underline + MAGIC Partnership

The Underline will transform the land below Miami’s Metrorail into a 10-mile linear park, urban trail and living art destination. The Underline will connect communities, improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety, create over 120 acres of open space with restored natural habitats, encourage a healthy lifestyle, provide an easily accessible place to exercise, create a mobility corridor that integrates transit, car, biking and walking, provide a 10-mile canvas for artistic expression, attract development along US1, and generate significant economic impact. MAGIC + The Underline will collaborate creating AR simulations engaging park goers in different interactive experiences.

Women in Gaming & Animation Panel

Discussion panel on women in gaming and animation moderated by Leah Hoyer, CEO at Level Headed Games and former vice president of Creative at Tell Tale Games. Hoyer is a former attorney who left that field to pursue her passion for cartoons. After completing her MFA coursework at UCLA’s Animation Workshop in 2001, Hoyer began working at Disney Television Animation, where she was the Director of Development for Disney Channel Animated Series. During her tenure at Disney, Leah worked on numerous series, including “Recess,” “Kim Possible” and “Phineas & Ferb”. She creates entertainment experiences. She works with teams of talented people who make truly incredible, interactive, entertainment experiences—because nobody makes something that is loved by millions of people on their own. Hoyer builds teams, mentors people, fosters great ideas, and finds the best way to the get those produced. Special Guests: Carrie Watts (MAGIC Leap), Silvia Sayas (MDC MAGIC) and Alexis Centeno (Game Creator).

WHAT:      MAGIC Takes Over Venture Café

WHEN:      Thursday, March 28, 6 p.m.

WHERE:    Venture Café

1951 N.W. 7th Ave., Suite 600

Miami, Fl. 33136

For more information about MAGIC, please visit

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