MDC’s BIT Center Partners with Miami DDA to Offer Digital Transformation for Small Businesses Training

Miami, May 4, 2021 – Miami Dade College’s (MDC) Business Innovation & Technology (BIT) Center has partnered with the Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to offer business owners a free 12-month online course on Digital Transformation for Small Businesses starting May 14. The virtual course is designed to teach downtown Miami business owners and retailers how to utilize digital technology to build a competitive online presence, attract more customers, broaden opportunities for awareness and sales, and increase revenue.

“A vast majority of businesses in downtown Miami, particularly in the Central Business District, are made up of mom-and-pop shops with limited resources who have struggled to recover from the impacts of the pandemic,” said Miami DDA Chairman and Miami Commissioner Manolo Reyes. “The Miami DDA is so grateful to Miami Dade College for their collaboration, offering our business owners educational resources that will make them more competitive in today’s market and help our entire business community recover.”

The course will cover various topics, including launching a website, creating an online presence, generating leads, utilizing search engine optimization (SEO), and leveraging social media to increase market and social share. It’s open to open to small businesses with brick-and-mortar locations within the Miami DDA District, including owners and employees of local restaurants, retail shops, and service providers.

MDC’s state-of-the-art BIT Center explores the role of technology in digital transformation, process automation, and analytics in the ever-changing business landscape. The BIT Center is an initiative of MDC’s Miguel B. Fernandez Family School of Global Business, Trade & Transportation and offers various programs and courses in three core areas – marketing and digital marketing; banking and finance; and industry certifications. For a full list of BIT Center courses and events, visit

For more information about the BIT Center, please contact Chechu Lasheras at 305-297-5696, or Max Ramirez at