MDC’s Bachelors in Information Technology and Cybersecurity Among the Top 10 Most Affordable Programs in the Nation

Miami, Sept. 7, 2021 Miami Dade College’s (MDC) Bachelors in Information Technology and Cybersecurity, degrees from The School of Engineering and Technology (EnTec), are among the top ten most affordable programs in the country, according to rankings by the website University HQ, an all-in-one source on colleges, vocational and trade schools, careers entrance requirements, and career paths.

With a study program that teaches the design, planning and management of information infrastructures and the coordination of information resources, MDC’s Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Technology placed #5 in University HQ’s rank that compares cost, location, accreditation, graduation requirements and instruction methods.  Students enrolled in this Bachelors program have the opportunity to advance to a master’s degree and possibly complete it in one year thanks to an agreement MDC has Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

MDC’s Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, launched this spring semester, placed #7 among a list of colleges and universities with cyber security degrees that are of high quality, have affordable prices, and offer an impressive probability of employment upon graduation. Graduates of MDC’s cybersecurity program can expect to obtain positions as Security System Administrators, Information Security Analyst, Vulnerability Analyst, Cyber Security Incident Response Specialist, and Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst.

In addition, the College’s groundbreaking Cybersecurity Center of the Americas, located at MDC Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami, has quickly earned a reputation as one of the country’s top cybersecurity training centers.

“We are delighted to see our bachelor degrees getting this recognition,” said Antonio Delgado, vice president of innovation and technology partnerships. “At MDC we pride ourselves in offering high quality, affordable programs that prepare students for jobs in fields where employment opportunities are abundant in both public and private sectors such as Information Technology and Cybersecurity.”

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 University Headquarters (University HQ) is an independent educational organization that compiles information for students who wish to pursue a higher education. They act as an all-in-one source for information on colleges, entrance requirements, and career paths and provide career guides that help navigate all of the requirements to gain entry to programs, become certified, or move up the career ladder. They also provide comprehensive information on top vocational and trade schools and careers for those seeking to pursue a quicker entry in the job market than that of a four-year program. For more information, please visit