MDC Poised to Fuel Miami’s Bourgeoning Tech Scene, Providing the Talent Pipeline Needed for Success

College offers dozens of in-demand tech programs from rapid credentials and digital badges to associate and bachelor’s degrees, getting underserved populations that benefit the most back to work

Miami, Feb. 26, 2021 – Employment in technology remains strong despite the pandemic, or even because of it, according to recent projections from the U.S. Labor Dept. Those jobs are becoming essential in order to rebuild a post-pandemic sustainable economy, and at the same time, Miami is experiencing a technology boom.

With numerous degree and certificate programs available at eight campuses and online, as well as key partnerships with leading global companies, Miami Dade College (MDC) is prepared to train the future workforce that will lead the local tech movement.

“MDC is ready to train the future workforce needed to make Miami’s tech ecosystem grow and succeed,” said MDC President Madeline Pumariega. “We offer numerous cutting-edge short-term and traditional programs, such associate and bachelor’s degrees, in growing and emerging industries led by top faculty and professionals in diverse fields. Affordability, innovation and reach are the cornerstones of the College, and with Miami’s growing tech scene, no institution is better poised to deliver the talent required for this new workforce.”

MDC’s School of Engineering and Technology (EnTec) and its Fernandez Family Global School of Business, Trade and Transportation offer a wide range of degree programs and short-term, high-demand industry certifications to meet the local demand for talented professionals, and are leading the way in the local tech revolution.

Below is an overview of some MDC’s top tech programs;  

MDC’s Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics addresses the need for more skilled professionals who can identify, analyze, interpret, and present the volumes of data that are critical to the success of organizations. MDC’s program recently ranked no. 2 in the nation for the most affordable bachelor’s degree in data science in 2021. Students are often hired before even completing the program and work at Baptist Hospital, Assurant, NextEra, Jackson Health System, among others. For more information, visit

With more people working remotely, cybersecurity is in high demand to safeguard organizations. MDC’s Cybersecurity Center of the Americas provides students with the knowledge and skills for securing computers, applications, and networks, identifying threats, responding to cyberattacks and mitigating their impact.  Graduates will have the cutting-edge knowledge, hands-on skills, and industry certifications to meet the increasing workforce demands of South Florida employers and beyond. In addition to associate and bachelor’s degree programs in cybersecurity, the center offers short-term specialized training, such as the IBM Cybersecurity Practitioner Course and security skills training courses for professionals. The Cybersecurity Center now also offers several digital badges. For more information, visit

Increasing automation is expected to disrupt the jobs landscape for the next five years, according to the World Economic Forum. Students can prepare for the change by receiving a College Credit Certificate in Automation. The course provides the training needed to acquire a job as an Automation or Applied Automation Specialist in various specialized areas. It can also provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations. The courses can be applied toward the Associate of Science in Advanced Manufacturing. For more information, visit

Through a partnership Tesla, the leader in electrical car design and manufacturing, MDC’s West Campus houses the Tesla START program and state-of-the-art facility, which trains students to become Tesla automotive technicians. For more information, visit

MDC has also created a catalog of online workforce development courses to help individuals, especially those unemployed by the pandemic, acquire new skills and certifications for in-demand jobs. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course, in collaboration with Amazon and Microsoft, is designed to provide students with technical expertise in cloud concepts, global infrastructure/architecture, pricing, security, and support, while preparing them for the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. For more information, visit

MDC’s Miami Animation and Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) has South Florida’s premier animation program and training facility. As part of their coursework, students design and create original works and pitch them to industry experts, who provide feedback, internship, and employment opportunities. Some students have even launched their professional careers at MAGIC after having their shorts picked up by major studios. MAGIC has numerous partnerships with major industry giants that provide students with internship and job opportunities including Sony, Disney, Alienware, Univision, Nickelodeon and many others. For more information, visit

The new Business Innovation & Technology (BIT) Center has partnerships with Bloomberg, Hootsuite, Facebook, and Salesforce, among others, and offers associate degrees in marketing and financial services, as well as certificates in digital marketing and several industry certifications. For more information, visit

The Idea Center at MDC’s innovative programs and events help students, and the community at large, turn their ideas into reality. Courses offer training in information technology, repeatable sales, marketing, finance, and other important skills for running their own business or launching a new startup. For more information, visit

The Makers Lab provides training in robotics, 3-D printing, structure modeling and much more in the growing DIY and makers industries. Other dynamic programs include Internet of Things, medical coding and simulation, digital forensics and much more.

The future is here. And MDC is poised to produce the talent that will put Miami on the map as a hot spot for tech innovation.

Registration is open for the next spring miniterm, which begins March 8. To register and for more information, visit or call 305- 237-8888.