MDC PBL Students again Shine at State Competition

Miami, April 16, 2019 Miami Dade College’s (MDC) students once again shined at the recent Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) State Leadership Conference, where they finished in top positions in many competition categories. The results continue MDC’s winning tradition in PBL competitions. The top winners will compete at the 2019 PBL National Leadership Conference this summer.

Phi Beta Lambda is the premier collegiate business organization in the country. With dedicated advisors and hard-working officers as its foundation, for many year, MDC’s PBL chapter has earned recognition across the state and nation, including more than a hundred awards in state and national competitions. In addition, PBL embraces a spirit of community service, taking part in numerous fundraisers and charity events throughout the year.

Following are this year’s winners:

Network Design

Franz Arango – 2nd Place, Wolfson Campus

Statistical Analysis

Bryan Montes – 2nd Place, Wolfson Campus

Job Interview

Kassandra Luis – 2nd Place, Wolfson Campus

Public Speaking

Diego Torres – 2nd Place, Wolfson Campus

Programming Concepts

Manuel Zapata – 2nd Place, Wolfson Campus

Future Business Executive

Rothchild Toussaint – 2nd Place, Wolfson Campus

Networking Concepts

Ulyses Perez – 2nd Place, Wolfson Campus

Business Decision Making

Otniel Echagariuga Gayle – 1st Place, North Campus

Insurance Concepts

Jefferson Saintilin – 1st Place, North Campus

Help Desk

Edymar Urdaneta – 2nd Place, North Campus

Cost Accounting

Eduardo Guzman – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Kristyn McComie – 2nd Place, Kendall Campus

Future Business Educator

Teresa Vazquez – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Sales Presentation

Javier Manso – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Impromptu Speaking

Sarah Krogh – 2nd Place, Kendall Campus

Management Concepts

Amanda Cancio – 2nd Place, Kendall Campus

Retail Management

Emily Kirkpatrick – 2nd Place, Kendall Campus

Accounting for Professionals

Eduardo Guzman – 2nd Place, Kendall Campus

 Team Competitions

Hospitality Management

Jessica Reyes, Karina Crespo – 1st Place, Homestead Campus

Business Ethics

Carmen Pages, Sabrina, Kilo and Zixi Chi – 1st Place, North Campus

Marian Bulnes, Luis Martin – 2nd Place, InterAmerican Campus

Emerging Business Issues

Reinaldo Figueroa, Jennifer Infante, Lesley Verde – 2nd Place, InterAmerican Campus

Parliamentary Procedures

Nazario Saint Louis, Jazlyn Burgos, Andrew Adeyiga, Mir Raza, Anita Seogopaul – 1st Place, North Campus

Alexander Garcia, Carlos Gonzales, Oscar Romero, Alexia Sentmanat, Angeline Urdaneta – 2nd Place, InterAmerican Campus

Economic Analysis and Decision Making

Jefferson Saintilien, Cristonique Basden, Jadson Rago – 1st Place, North Campus

Carlos Granadillo, Juan Ruiz-Casteneda – 2nd Place, Kendall Campus

Accounting Analysis and Decision Making

Eduardo Guzman, Dailet Noa, Kristyn Mccommie – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Nicolas Pereda, Nicolas Samudio, Ben Katri – 2nd Place, North Campus

Management Analysis and Decision Making

Kryssa Garcia, Katrina Padron, Paris Grant – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Natasha Fernandez, Thalia Plasencia and Maria Pino – 2nd Place, North Campus

Marketing Analysis and Decision Making

Shawn Torres, Manuel Zapata, Alessia Fortunato – 1st Place, Wolfson Campus

Alejandro Hueck, Florence Garcia- 2nd Place, Kendall Campus

Business Presentation

Susel Del Sol, Milla Navarro, Juan Lopez – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Maria Bedoya, Krystal Devilliars, Emily Kirkpatrick – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Mobile Application Development

Patricia Alfonso, Alexander Bryne – 1st Place, Kendal Campus

Small Business Management Plan

Nicole Garcia, Silvia Litvinov, Cristina Palma – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Strategic Analysis and Decision Making

Alexis Perez, Enco Sinclair – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Community Service Project

Maria Samboni, Javier, Teresa Vazquez – 2nd Place, Kendall Campus

Small Business Management Plan

Nicole Garcia, Silvia Litvinov, Cristina Palma – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

Strategic Analysis and Decision Making

Alexis Perez, Enco Sinclair – 1st Place, Kendall Campus

“I am very proud of our students.  They stayed strong and traveled to compete even under the toughest of circumstances following the passing of beloved MDC professor and longtime PBL advisor and mentor Maria Mari. This speaks volumes of the character of the students at MDC,” said Dr. Rana F. Shehadeh, Dean of Global Business, Trade & Transportation at Miami Dade College.  “I commend the faculty, advisors and staff who stepped up to give support to all the students.”

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