MDC and TheVentureCity to Offer Students One-of-a-Kind Business Entrepreneurship Associates Degree

Top industry leaders from prominent companies will serve as instructors and mentors

Miami, Aug. 29, 2017- The Idea Center at Miami Dade College (MDC) will offer enterprising students the opportunity to receive innovative expertise and knowledge from renowned entrepreneurs with the cutting-edge redesign of the Associate in Science in Business Entrepreneurship that will be offered in Fall 2017.  Top industry leaders from prominent companies will serve as instructors to mentor students in becoming visionary entrepreneurs who turn ideas into products, services, business and social ventures.

“An engaged and supportive mentor has a transformative impact on a young person,” said MDC’s President Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón.  “I am proud that MDC has been able to retain extraordinary leaders from some of the nation’s most innovative companies to personally mentor MDC students who enroll in our new AS Degree for Entrepreneurship. At MDC, we are committed to offering a transformational education experience, which our new degree delivers.”

MDC partnered with TheVentureCity in creating the two-year degree in entrepreneurship. TheVentureCity is an international accelerator and fund for the global tech ecosystem that was founded by former executives of Facebook, Google, eBay and other leading companies.

Instructors for the two-year degree are comprised of innovative leaders from acclaimed companies, which include Adriana Cisneros, CEO of Cisneros; Francesca de Quesada Covey, Head of Platform Partnerships for Facebook in Latin America; Melissa Medina, Executive Vice President of eMerge Americas; Sam Cohen, GM for Lyft in Florida; and Laura Gonzalez-Estefani, CEO and Founder of Venture City, to name a few.

“This development of the new Business Entrepreneurship Associates Degree offering was born from our belief in education being a key driver of innovation and desire to help nurture the passion of young, aspiring entrepreneurs,” said TheVentureCity CEO and Co-Founder Laura González Estefani. “This program exposes students to successful business leaders and potential mentors, whose real-world insight will be invaluable in sculpting them into future trailblazers of the growing Miami business and tech community.”

The Associate in Science in Business Entrepreneurship will prepare students for employment opportunities in a number of areas, including startup strategy and execution, product development, project management, digital and social media marketing, user experience design, human resources and team management and organizational development.

Students can take advantage of a combination of lectures and hands-on action, while working with their peers to bring ideas to fruition.  Students will learn to think critically, communicate well and act as both a member and the leader of a team. They will also discover how to develop a passion into a profitable business or social venture; design business models; understand and leverage technology to be more efficient; and combine traditional and digital marketing to reach a target audience.

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