MDC and FAU Announce Partnership to Benefit Engineering Technology Students

Miami, Jan. 9, 2019 – Miami Dade College (MDC) and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) signed a new articulation agreement that gives MDC students graduating with a bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology a unique opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering more expeditiously.

The agreement allows MDC engineering technology graduates to transfer into FAU’s Master’s in Electrical Engineering program and potentially complete it in one year. Students will still be required to meet all other admission requirements at FAU.

“This articulation agreement is groundbreaking in bridging the gap between Engineering Technology and Engineering.” said Dr. Raef Yassin, Associate Professor from the School of Engineering and Technology at MDC. “It’s a win for our students and a win for FAU, which houses one of the most robust graduate engineering programs in the state.”

The agreement provides MDC graduates with multiple benefits:

  • Students can complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Engineering in a shorter timeframe.
  • MDC students graduate with an advanced engineering degree from FAU with in-depth knowledge in an area of specialization.

“I’m thrilled that we are providing this pathway to our MDC engineering students,” said Antonio Delgado, dean of MDC’s School of Engineering, Technology and Design. “This is a unique opportunity for them to seamlessly pursue a graduate degree in engineering at a nationally recognized University.”

“This partnership ensures that students throughout South Florida have access to quality graduate education in a critical field of study,” said Bret Danilowicz, provost and vice president for academic affairs at FAU. “We look forward to welcoming these students to campus.”

MDC has articulation agreements in place with more than hundreds of outstanding colleges and universities throughout the nation. For more information about MDC’s Bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology contact us at