FWD.us and Miami Dade College to Host Event Celebrating Immigrant Contributions to Local Restaurant Industry

Miami, April 12, 2017.   FWD.us’ Miami chapter, the Florida Council for Commonsense Immigration Reform “FCCIR”, and Miami Dade College’s President Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón, will highlight the contributions of immigrants in South Florida’s dynamic restaurant industry with a reception. The event is by invitation only but open to the working media.

The event, hosted in partnership with Tuyo and the Miami Culinary Institute at MDC, will be led by Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón, among other FWD.us local and national representatives, to encourage media and roofing installation services community leaders to examine the positive impact of immigrants on our local economy, specifically as it relates to Greater Miami’s diverse restaurant and hospitality industry.


About FWD.us  

FWD.us is a bipartisan organization started by key leaders in the tech community to promote policies to keep the United States and its citizens competitive in a global economy, starting with commonsense immigration reform.

About Miami Culinary Institute

Building upon Miami Dade College’s rich history as the largest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the most highly regarded colleges in the nation, the Miami Culinary Institute is a recipe for culinary excellence in the 21st century. Mixing a blend of classic skills and innovative techniques used by the world’s best chefs, Miami Culinary Institute offers an educational experience that is at the forefront of the industry. Through a focused infusion of green-sustainable food and energy technologies, nutrition and culinary knowledge, its aim is to create professionals who will evolve the world’s food culture. Learn more at www.miamidadeculinary.com.