Summer Camps for Kids and Teens!Dozens of free or low-cost camps offering a range of fun learning opportunities including technology, creative arts, academics, sports activities and more

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School of Continuing Education Summer Camps 
Dozens of different camps offering unique adventures and learning opportunities. With an incredible range of activities for kids aged 5 to 12 and teens 12 to 19, these camps are the perfect place to explore interests from cooking to acting, to video games, coding and more!

Miami Book Fair Free Summer Camps for Teens 
The “Speak Up” program offers aspiring writers the opportunity to explore different genres through a virtual summer camp or one-on-one mentorship with published authors in a six-month program.

BIT Center Free High School Summer Camp 
Explore business technology, e-commerce, digital marketing, stock trading, cryptos and more. 

MAGIC 2023 Summer Camps for Ages 14 + 
High school students can embark in a transformational experience through animation and 3D game design in this summer camp that focuses on storytelling, 3D modeling, coding, character animation and creating interactive simulations for Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms.