Marisol. Highlighting the Work of Puerto Rican Playwright, José Rivera

Three faces of facing each other

New World School of the Arts theater division welcomes the Spring with José Rivera’s dark fairytale, Marisol. The two-act apocalyptic play, which became extremely popular in the early 1990s, is directed by NWSA faculty member Jennifer de Castroverde and highlights the talent of a dozen NWSA college theater students in a play that continues to find relevance in a world consumed by turmoil in spite of its effort to find peace. “Marisol, the play, reminds us of the need for compassion in a high conflict world,” noted the director.

De Castroverde, who brought to the NWSA stage Lorca’s Blood Wedding last season, highlights the importance of exploring culturally relevant plays with the students at New World School of the Arts and offering them to the community the school serves. Miami-Dade County’s Hispanic population is just above 70%, while New World School of the Arts’ is closer to 65%.

“Having the wonderful opportunity to explore the writings of Puerto Rican author José Rivera, has given breath and creative inspiration to the Caribbean ancestral heritage of the majority of our student body.”

Jennifer de Castroverde

Marisol explores the world of a woman facing the possibility of her own death in a world in chaos and crisis, which seem both terrifying and hopeless. The play brings forth themes of mental illness, spiritual warfare, and a dystopian, disintegration of urban society in America. Marisol‘s poetic realism provides an atmosphere of intense human vulnerability to the existential questions of theology, sexuality, relationships, and the nature of faith, love, fear, and compassion.
In the words of the playwright, the Obie Award-winning play “was written in despair. I was living in a city that seemed to be falling apart,” explained Rivera in a letter he wrote to cast, crew, and directors of Marisol, who would someday bring the production to life, time and again. “The world has changed enormously since I wrote the first draft of Marisol in 1989. (Back then the idea of metal detectors in all the buildings in Brooklyn seemed so radical – little did I know!) But in every important way, the world hasn’t changed at all,” concluded Rivera. “It’s your turn to make this play relevant, to have it sing through your bodies and minds.” José Rivera is the first Puerto Rican screenwriter to be nominated for an Oscar. Rivera’s nomination came in 2005 for best writing / adapted screenplay for The Motorcycle Diaries.

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March 30; 7:30 PM
March 31; 7:30 PM
April 1; 7:30 PM
April 2; 2 PM

Louise O. Gerrits Theater
25 NE 2 Street, 8th Floor, Miami

General admission $15 / Students and seniors $10